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SСAN-TRAC Tesla - 3000 metal detector (free shipping) 824$

824 $




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All metal detectors are warranted for 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of delivery.

Price: 824 $

Perfect for both a beginner and a professional.

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High-Technology Product

Main features of SCAN-TRAC Tesla-3000 metal detectors:

  1. No wires (completely wireless)
  1. Colour touch screen (7")
  1. Powerful and fast signal processor
  1. It discriminates types of metals. It determines the target depth and size.
  2. All the detectors are equipped with a GPS module, GSM and Wi-Fi.
  3. Internet connection makes it possible to find out some information about the object found (for example, the cost of the coin that you have found).
  1. You can also download maps directly from the internet on the display of the metal detector.

Warranty is given for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.


General characteristics of the detector:

The SCAN-TRAC metal detector is the world’s first fully computerized metal detector with a wireless searchcoil. The SCAN-TRAC is easy to use and manage. The detector is equipped with a computer data display set and a user-friendly interface of the control program.

It is designed to detect small, medium-sized and large metal targets in the soil at a depth of 3 meters. The metal detector with a depth searchcoil is used by archaeological research groups, gold miners who search coins, deeply buried metal and large metal targets, metalliferous deposits (at a depth of 11 meters).

The SCAN-TRAC Tesla-3000 is equipped with an automatic intelligent system that detects object properties and registers soil effect, a function of graphic form display and a sound target designator.

You can also buy extra searchcoils, D80 (to search at the depths of 8 meters) and D10 (to detect gold nuggets). Even if you replace the searchcoil, there is no need in reset.

The main advantage of this metal detector compared with its prototypes is ease of operation and deep depth of detection.

A tin can – 0.75 m

A car – 3 m

The metal detector shows a real surface profile of the metal target.

It is the first professional metal detector with GPS modules, 3G, Wi-Fi, and communication and navigation systems.

  1. Metal type discrimination
  2. Metal size discrimination
  3. Target shape discrimination
  4. Detects a coin at a depth of 0.3 m
  5. Maximum detection depth: 3 meters
  6. 3-level discriminator
  7. Static and dynamic search modes
  8. Automatic ground balance
  9. Wireless connection with the searchcoil at a distance of 10 meters.
  10. Polyphonic sound indication of metal type and size.
  11. It’s possible to connect wireless headphones using Bluetooth
  12. Connection GSM 900/1800 MHz
  13. Internet EDGE, GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi
  14. Internal memory  2048 Mbyte
  15. SD-card slot (up to 64 Gbyte)
  16. 4 GHz processor
  17. The SCAN-TRAC Tesla-3000 holds SIM cards
  18. Color touch screen, FFT, 7”, backlit screen
  19. Built-in FM radio
  20. Built-in 4 megapixel camera
  21. USB synchronization with a computer
  22.  BLUETOOTH connection (additional wireless headphones are available)
  23. Slot for wired headphones (3.5 mm, stereo)
  24. Built-in sound dynamic / loudspeaker
  25. Rechargeable battery type: Li-ION, 3000 mA*h
  26. GPS module – YES
  27. Weight: 3.4 lbs (1.6 kgs)
  28. Searchcoil diameter: 0.26 m (shockproof)
  29. Shaft length: 0.52 – 1.3 m (metal, adjustable)

       Screen 7’ , GPS - YES

Technical characteristics of the functions:

There are no wires, and it provides pinpoint accuracy without false activation.

Wireless connection provides steady operation at a distance of 10 meters from the searchcoil. This function makes it possible to carry out remote search in gorges and other hard-to-reach places.

The metal detector has 2 operation modes: static and dynamic.

The dynamic search mode is regulated by expert settings of junk and soil separation.

The static search mode is the geo-scanner mode, it shows the shape of the target. It also detects the size of very big objects that are more than 10 meters long.

Automatic ground balance provides greater detection depth.

The S-Trac 3000 shows online information (metal type and shape) about all the metal targets found in a group of metal objects. Any other metal detector processes each object individually. That is why group analysis leads to great confusion.

The metal detector unites visual graphic and sound target indication.

The SСAN-TRAC has a 3-level discriminator. Using the search mode you will be able to detect a metal type according to the chart colour on the display.

The detector is equipped with a large colour 7” backlit touch screen. It helps to keep the image clear and sharp even in the bright sun.

The SCAN-TRAC touch screen is splash proof and shockproof.

The S-Trac 3000 has an adjustable 3-piece shaft which makes travel or storage very simple. There’s no need to take the detector apart.

The detector has a wireless Wi-Fi interface which makes it possible to use high-speed internet connection.

The S-Trac 3000 has SIM card slots for mobile voice communication, text messaging, MMS, 3G, 4G and internet connection.

A special GPS module fixes the position. The metal detector not only saves the position of the objects found (up to 1000000 positions) but also leads the user to the positions saved earlier (correct to 1 meter).

The back of the processor has a 4 megapixel camera which is used to take pictures of the objects found.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides 8-10 hour non-stop performance. The set may have an extra battery which provides longer performance (24 hours non-stop).

The rechargeable battery operates from the mains or you can charge it in a car.

When the detector is connected to the internet, it gets access to Google database where you can find ground maps or which you can use to define the type of the target.

The S-Trac 3000 has a built-in FM radio which is useful while working in the remote territories out of area. The radio informs you of the weather forecast or storm warning or any other necessary information.

The metal detector includes a special module of an accurate temperature-independent digital watch.

How it works

A treasure hunter gets into an unknown area with a SСAN-TRAC Tesla-3000 detector. He turns on the processor and the searchcoil. The control interface appears. The searchcoil signal shows zero. The treasure hunter selects the frequency and ground balance level. He chooses the dynamic search mode and starts moving the searchcoil.

Suddenly the detector shows an elliptical shape of a small red target. It means that you have detected an object made of coloured metal. The   user exhumes a target and finds a copper coin unknown to him.

He takes a picture of the coin using the metal detector. In a matter of seconds Google shows the result of similarities. The user can see that the object he has found is a coin (for example, an old coin) and its auction price can be from 100 to 100 000 US dollars.

The user can post good photos of the coin at the electronic auction and continue searching while the coin is on sale.

If the user decides not to exhume the detected object, he can type the positions into the detector memory and get back to them later.

If the user is in the deep forest or out of area, the built-in radio will come to the rescue. The radio will inform him of the weather forecast or storm warning.